Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tennessee Trip.

On Tuesday we went to see my Aunt in Tennessee. I love going to her house it is so peaceful.

Here is Lucy wearing Aunt Laura's shoes.
Emma and Lucy taking a bath.
Kaylan, Emma and Lucy

Baby Kaylan is only 9 months but she thinks she is just as big as the other girls.
Ready for Bed.
My Cousin Laurie.
Taylor and Brianna
Lucy sitting in Kaylan's infant carseat-not happy.
The End.

Christmas in Alabama: Christmas #6

Monday we had Christmas over at my Dad's parents house. We had dinner with all of his side of the family and it was wonderful. Lucy loved playing with the big kids. She thinks she is one of them! I am terrible about including everyone is all the pictures I guess I am in the business of Lucy pictures. Here are a few that I took.

Lucy and her second cousing Lily.
My Cousin Ginger who is 14. I can't believe that.
Lucy and Emma Grace
Lucy riding on the school bus.
Emma Grace hiding on the stairs.

Christmas in Alabama: Christmas #5

Laura and I got the Bright Idea to go to Alabama without our Husbands to see our GrandParents. I don't know if you remember our Labor Day trip down but we vowed never to go to Alabama without our Husbands again. Well we did and we lasted 2 days instead of 5 and then packed up and we home. Ha! We got to see all of our grandparents and our aunt and we are very thankful for that.

We stayed in a hotel and here is a picture of the girls enjoying their breakfast.
Lucy loves eggs!
Emma Grace
The girls having breakfast.
This is the only picture I took at my Memaws house. I am hoping Laura got some.

Christmas in Arkadelphia: Christmas #3 and #4

After we do Christmas morning at home we pack up and head to Arkadelphia to do Christmas with Jonathan's Family. Lucy is always so excited to see Papaw and Cookie (who she calls TJ, we are working on it). We got there around 7 so we were just in time to eat dinner with the Family. Dennis and Delta were already there so we got to enjoy them as well!

After dinner we opened presents. Here is Lucy with her Papaw opening up a cool toy that they had gotten her.
Dennis and Whitney watching.
I heart my husband. He is so dreamy.
Papaw being serious.
Lucy trying on her new hat that GrandCookie made her. Wait until you see the outfit that goes with this hat. It will be on a seperate post because it is that cute!
This is Delta's mom Martha Stewart. I love to say her full name when I see her. Hello Martha Stewart! Martha Stewart is one of the sweetest Ladies I have ever met. Lucy loved Miss Martha.
Grand Cookies Christmas Tree.
Here are my two favorite Christmas Ornaments.
Here is Baby Jonathan.
And here is Baby Lucy. She looks just like him!
Lucy and Jonathan looking at her new coloring book.
Saturday all of the Bost clan comes over to David and Becky's and we eat ourselves fat. There is seriously a lot of food! I meant to take a picture but I was a little busy chasing a toddler. Lucy was too funny. If someone wanted to hold her they would just say, " Lucy do you want to go outside." She would then run to them and let them hold her. This little girls loves to be outside!

Lucy and Uncle Bob.
Lucy in her Christmas Dress.
Lucy and Her Daddy Outside or as Lucy would say Side Out.
Lucy and Jonathan's Grandmother Mamaw Vel.

Lucy with her Buddy Cash. I love the name Cash-doesn't it sound like a football players name or cowboy's name.
Aunt Delta and Martha Stewart. Aren't they are a pretty pair.
The Bost Family.
Once upon a time about 13 weeks ago Delta and Dennis told me a secret. I had to keep it a secret until they let the world know. Which was like 7 weeks after they told me. Since she has blogged about it I think it is safe to say that a new baby Bost is on it's way. Delta and Dennis are going to be parents in May and I am so excited! They find out next week what they are having!!

Lucy and Rachel.
The End.

Christmas at Home: Christmas #2

I love spending Chritmas at home. Jonathan and I get up early and start fixing breakfast. Jonathan gets the coffee and I make sausage balls and eggs. Then Lucy gets up and we eat as a family. After Breakfast it is stocking and present time. Lucy was really excited to open presents. She has been looking at them and sitting on them for awhile so she was happy to finally open them.

Lucy eating Christmas Breakfast.
Autumn eating her Christmas Bone.
Lucy on her sit and spin.
I love this kid.

Playing with a bath time toy.
Jonathan opening his Helicopter
Christmas can be tiring.
I was opening my big Christmas present. All week I have been wondering what was in the box. I love a good surprise. Taylor, my nephew, told me that he thought it was a big box of meat. Actually I said Taylor what do you think it is that box and he went over to it, smelt it and then told me it was meat.
Can you see what it is? A mixer! I was so excited! I have been wanting one.

After Christmas Lucy took a nap and I took all the Christmas down. It felt nice to come home after our travels to a Christmas free house. Lucy and Jonathan were a little dissapointed that Christmas was over but I think they got over it when we went to GrandCookie's and Papaw's for more Christmas.