Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas at Home: Christmas #2

I love spending Chritmas at home. Jonathan and I get up early and start fixing breakfast. Jonathan gets the coffee and I make sausage balls and eggs. Then Lucy gets up and we eat as a family. After Breakfast it is stocking and present time. Lucy was really excited to open presents. She has been looking at them and sitting on them for awhile so she was happy to finally open them.

Lucy eating Christmas Breakfast.
Autumn eating her Christmas Bone.
Lucy on her sit and spin.
I love this kid.

Playing with a bath time toy.
Jonathan opening his Helicopter
Christmas can be tiring.
I was opening my big Christmas present. All week I have been wondering what was in the box. I love a good surprise. Taylor, my nephew, told me that he thought it was a big box of meat. Actually I said Taylor what do you think it is that box and he went over to it, smelt it and then told me it was meat.
Can you see what it is? A mixer! I was so excited! I have been wanting one.

After Christmas Lucy took a nap and I took all the Christmas down. It felt nice to come home after our travels to a Christmas free house. Lucy and Jonathan were a little dissapointed that Christmas was over but I think they got over it when we went to GrandCookie's and Papaw's for more Christmas.

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