Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Decor.

I never blogged about my Christmas Decor and I wanted to. I didn't do as much as I usually do but I did enough to make it special for Lucy and not enough for her to get into. I do a Peacock Theme. Here are some pictures.

The Peacock tree. This year I added the blue mesh. I love it. My sister asked if we were celebrating Hanukkah! Maybe next year I will do a green and blue.
Here is an ornament.
A peacock that Lucy liked to carry around.
Lucy's stocking Christmas morning.
Do you like this picture? I stole it. I stole it right off my mothers wall... she moved to Baton Rouge and left a few things in her Bentonville house and one of her requests was not to take the Christmas pictures. Ha, I stole them. I blamed it on Lucy so she wasn't too mad.

Do you see what the dogs got for Christmas? My husband did that. He is pretty good to those dogs.
The End.

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