Monday, December 14, 2009

Church and Salsa.

Last night we went to the Songs of the Seasons at the Church. Taylor Lee Coble was singing in it and we were very proud of his performance. Taylor loves choir! All of the choirs sang and we made it half way through the entire performance. Since Lucy has Restless Body Syndrome* we decided to head to the nursery and guess who was already in there. Emma Grace and Aunt Laura. Apparently she too has RBS.* Here are some pictures.

*Restless Body Syndrome is not real... she is just busy.

Emma Grace riding a truck.
Lucy saying cheese.
There were two kids in the nursery with the nursery workers. They just happened to be Taylors best friend Kenneth and his sister Katherine.
Lucy and Jonathan.
Emma Grace.

After Church we went to Acambaro to eat. As you can tell Lucy loved the Salsa. In case you are wondering, she is dipping a lemon into the salsa.
The Coble's
The End.



Dippin' it!!!

ebull21 said...

that's one weird kid you have, but we sure do love her