Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Friday: Day 4: The Entire Day.

Friday Morning we slept in. We needed to get some rest and we didn't want to battle the black Friday shoppers. Friday morning around 10 or so we did eventually get out. Laura, Lucy and I went to Rockefeller Center and 5th Ave. The boys and Emily went to the Hersery Store on Time Square. I want to warn you right now that there are 500 pictures on this post. Beware: PICTURE OVERLOAD!

French Bear- getting ready to shop 5th Ave.
Rockefeller Center

The Tree.
Ice Skating.
Inside of Saks. I love the Christmas Decorations!
The Trump Tower.

Tiffany's. I didn't get a picture but Lucy slept our entire shopping trip and woke up in Tiffany's. Wouldn't you love to wake up in Tiffany's.
FAO Schwarz. We went the day before and Lucy picked out two toys. On our way out she found a hello kitty purse that she cried over. We went back to buy it and she also found this Mickey.
I didn't buy her the Mickey I bought her a doll instead and her purse. Can you say spoiled?
Lucy and Aunt Laura. In case you are wondering Emma Grace stayed in Arkansas with her Nene.
The Natural History Museum.
I caught a fish this big!

This is for all the Arkadelphia Badgers!

This is the giant Blue Whale they have hanging. It was so cool. You can't really see it.
My favorite meal of the Trip was at Quality Meats. The pioneer woman blogged about Quality meats and I fell in love. So we made reservations. I called in advance to tell them we had kids and they put us in the nicest little nook for dinner. We enjoyed it and the food was amazing!

Lucy Bear enjoying her special order of Chicken Fingers.
Jonathan and I shared this steak.
Some of the side dishes.
This was Taylor's steak.
Lucy loved it.
The Coble's plus Jonathan.
Lucy playing.
My dad, Emily, Me and Taylor.
Laura and Taylor.
In case you are wondering Laura and I are in fact wearing the same sweater. We called them our sister sweaters.1

Central Park Carriage Ride.
My dad rode with us.
In Case you are wondering where my mom was, she was in Alabama tending to her dad who was in the hospital. He is out of the hospital and we are praying for a speedy recovery from his surgery.
The Bost family of 3.

The End.
Stay Tuned.... more pictures to come.


Char said...

I love all of your NYC pictures! I can tell that everyone is having a wonderful time! Now - I want to go for a visit too. Thanks for scouting it out for us.

DeAnna said...

I love that you have so many pictures! I like how you have little blurbs and the captions over the pictures. Makes me feels as if I were right there with ya! HA! I WISH!


You are making us all want to go to New York!! You should be a travel writer or work for the tourism board!

Love all the pictures!

Audrey said...

First let me say, wow to that restaurant! That was not a steak, it was a whole cow! Aaron will definitely want to eat there if we ever make it to NYC.

Love all the pics! I'm glad you all had a great trip!