Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Saturday: Day 5: The Rock

Saturday we wen to the Radio City Theater Hall to see Christmas Spectacular with the Rockettes. Lucy and Taylor both loved it. Lucy waved her hands, danced and clapped the entire time. I was proud of both the kids. They were so good the entire trip. Here are just a few pictures. Don't worry I'm almost done recording this trip.

Taylor after the show eating his Santa popcorn.
After the show we decided to go on top of the rainbow room to the observation deck.
This was the view.

This is my baby.
This is my other baby. He insisted on walking through town with his 3d Christmas Spectacular glasses on. I thought it was cute.
I didn't take any pictures but Emily also brought us to Brooklyn on Saturday. It took us an hour to get there and as soon as we got almost to her apartment she realized that she forgot her keys at the hotel. Ha, we did get to see where she lived but we didn't get to see in her apartment.

The End.

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