Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tennessee Trip.

On Tuesday we went to see my Aunt in Tennessee. I love going to her house it is so peaceful.

Here is Lucy wearing Aunt Laura's shoes.
Emma and Lucy taking a bath.
Kaylan, Emma and Lucy

Baby Kaylan is only 9 months but she thinks she is just as big as the other girls.
Ready for Bed.
My Cousin Laurie.
Taylor and Brianna
Lucy sitting in Kaylan's infant carseat-not happy.
The End.



Whew!!! I am totally worn out from looking at all the different places you celebrated Christmas in only a few days time. I was so sad when you had to leave my house early, but now I realize that I am lucky you got to spend any time at all!!:)

Unknown said...

I love our adventurous together. They are exhausting but I look back on them and only have found memories. I love you.