Sunday, January 31, 2010


Yesterday we bundled up and went over to my parents farm (aka Emily's house) for a little sledding fun. We met up with the Coble's and Aunt Emily and had a blast. We then feasted on some wonderful winter foods. (pizza and hot wings)

The Bost Family of Three.
Lucy and her Daddy.
The Coble's.
Emma Grace and Ryan.
Aunt Emily and Taylor.
Aunt Emily.
We were the first to arrive to the farm and this is what it looked liked. We had a hard time finding the driveway.
This one is for you mom and dad.
Emma Grace ready to go play.
Lucy ready to go too.
They are so sweet.

Lucy and her Daddy.
Lucy loved being outside!
The End.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Northwest Arkansas has been hit by a snow storm. We knew about it, we prepared for it and we are okay! We have about 5 inches of snow in the back yard. Jonathan worked from home today and Lucy and I played in the house. This afternoon I ran out of excuses why we couldn't go outside and I bundled us all up and we went out to play in the snow. Lucy seemed to really enjoy it. She kept saying "now, now". (Snow)

Lucy the bear ready to go.
Lucy in her overalls her Papaw gave her.

Me and Lucy.

Jonathan and Lucy.
Whitney running out the dog door.
Lucy eating the snow.
Our house covered with snow.
My moss Doberman.
The End.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Other Man In My Life.

I have another man in my life. It was love at first sight. We met almost 6 years ago and he has had my heart ever since. Don't worry Jonathan is okay with him. He probably loves him as much as I do. Meet my nephew Taylor Lee Coble. I have had the pleasure of picking him up from school every day this week. (actually today Emily got him because Lucy was napping) But he did come over and I got to love on him.

Taylor and Whitney.
Taylor and Whitney - I like Lucy's expression.
Lucy after her nap.
The End.


We are suppose to be getting a winter storm today. (Thursday) To prepare for it Lucy and I took inventory of our refrigerator, freezer and pantry. After we made a list of what we had and what we needed we went to Walmart to do our storm/two weeks worth of grocery shopping. *Note* Don't do your grocery shopping the day before a storm-it was a mad house.

Last night we were invited over to Aunt Laura's house for a Thanksgiving feast. She wanted to clean out her freezer so we had dressing (the pioneer woman's dressing), sweet potatoes, green bean casserole and leftover Christmas Ham. It was delicious. I love Thanksgiving/Christmas food! I love getting together with the Coble's. Lucy does too. Her and Emma love to play with each other. They get the giggles bad. They are also to the age were they can play together without supervision all the time. Except when it get's quiet we know to check on them.

Lucy helped me take inventory of the fridge. I didn't realize she took off with the mustard.
We have made the switch to Brown rice instead of white rice. I let Lucy play with the white rice and she had a blast.
She thought it was real fun to throw it all over the kitchen floor.
Emma and Lucy made a club house. Laura has a big rocker in Emma's room and behind the rocker is just enough space for two little girls, 5 dolls, and a ton of diapers.
These little girls love each other.
The End.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

18 Months.

My baby is 18 months old. Officially 18 months old last Saturday! Can you believe it?! I can't believe how much she has grown over the past year and a half. I really can't believe how much she has learned either. She went from this helpless crying (terrible, I'm her mother I can say it) baby to this little independent girl. I love watching her grow.

Lucy the girl after her bath.
Kiss my bear.
I love this kid.
Hey moms, remember when your dog was like your baby... then you had a baby. ha, good times. Hey moms, Do your dogs drive you crazy now? I try really hard (not too hard) but I have a hard time liking my dogs. Love, yes. Like, not so much.
Lucy at 18 months:

sings patty cake with hand motions-really animated when it comes to roll em up.
monkey dances.
sings ring around the roses and dances too.
stacks blocks.
matches puzzles.
plays doctor.
loves to use her imagination.
dances when she hears music.
Can point out all body parts.
Gives Licky kisses on command.
Gives regular kisses on command.
Gives hugs on command.
Goes to the cabinet gets her Nilla Wafers and a bowl and brings them to me.
Can tell our two dogs apart. (who look the same)
Climbs out of her pack n play.
Eats with a spoon and fork. (One in each hand)
Loves purses and shoes.
Plays the wii with her daddy. (sword fighting)
Blows on hot things.
Smells things and says either Yummy or Stinky! (Everything is Stinky)
Plays with her babies.
and many more.

Last week I brought Lucy to the doctor to get her shots. While I was there I broke down and told the doctor I was worried about Lucy. I told her that she wasn't talking. She only would say the basic words. (While in the doctors office we counted atleast 15 words, which isn't bad) She said she should say 20 words that I could understand. I told her I didn't know if it was a hearing problem because of all the ear infections and tubes, I didn't think it was because Lucy follows directions perfectly. Our doctor told me to put a piece of paper on the fridge and write down everything that she says.

I did.

Within the last week Lucy has said:
feet, blue, honk, nose, stinky, mama, daddy, no, I want down, touch, write down, boat, dog, mine, dirty, doo doo ( I call it poopoo but her and her dad say doodoo which grosses me out), down, please, thanks, socks, mommy, dogs, thank you, cheese, Whitney, toes, cat, booty, juice, hat, no dogs, George (curious George), arm, on, all fall down, ring around, love you, papaw, jacket, diaper, popcorn, cleanup, dirty, blanket, pizza, go, mine, tv, barney, mac, sock, poptart, cartoons, apple, doctor, sit down, tick tock, Emma (Nemma), don't, I do, hot, night night

60 + words!

She says something new every day. While we are on the subject of How smart Lucy is I have three more stories. Feel free not to read.

Jonathan and I were playing in her room and Jonathan was standing up and Lucy was jabbering away and looked at him and in a very loud demanding voice yelled, "SIT DOWN".

Conversation with Lucy
Me: Lucy are you dirty?
Lucy: (Grabs her diaper between her legs) Dirty.

Note- I always grab her diaper to see if she is wet and I guess she picked up on it.

Me: Lucy are you ready to take a nap.
Lucy-runs to her room and turns on her sound machine.

I know this was a long post but I didn't have anything to blog about I hadn't blogged in a while. Thanks for reading!

The End.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Visitors.

We have had such a fun week/ weekend with some very special visitors. David and Becky have been in town and Lucy has loved it! Yesterday Dennis and Delta came up and we got to have lunch and dinner with them! Here are a few pictures.

Lucy Abigail
Becky, Jonathan and Lucy
Dennis, Delta and Baby Asher.
Lucy is obsessed with shoes. I don't know where she gets that from. If she sees a pair laying around she will put them on.

Uncle Dennis wore cowboy boots and Lucy wanted in them!

She wanted them again.
Then they decided to have a dance party.
The End.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Lucy has really bonded to Aunt Emily. Emily has been visiting almost everyday and we have really enjoyed her! Especially Lucy! Today Emily brought over sonic and Lucy climbed right in her lap and stole her french fries.
Look who else came for a visit. Papaw and GrandCookie. We are looking forward to spending the rest of the week with them.
The End.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I was doing some reading on toddlers the other day. Well not just toddlers but 18 month old toddlers... Can you believe my baby is 18 months old. I can't. Where does time go? Anyway, I was reading what an 18 month old child should be doing and what they should be playing with. The article said they should be using their imagination (check), pretend play with a tea set or a baby doll (check). They should be playing with toys like colored blocks, musical instruments and puzzles.

We don't buy a lot of toys. I would rather buy books but I also think kids should play with toys. So... Yesterday we went on an adventure to buy some blocks, musical instruments and puzzles. If you are looking for these things check out Target.

Lucy loved the musical instruments.
She loved the tag that came on it too.

Want a block?

She was pretty proud of her new toys and really enjoyed playing with them. I just let her play with the instruments and the blocks. Tomorrow we will play with the puzzles and the doctor's kit.

Note: Autumn ate one of the wooden blocks and it made me so mad!

Another Note: Lucy can stack 8 ABC blocks before knocking them over.

The End.