Tuesday, January 26, 2010

18 Months.

My baby is 18 months old. Officially 18 months old last Saturday! Can you believe it?! I can't believe how much she has grown over the past year and a half. I really can't believe how much she has learned either. She went from this helpless crying (terrible, I'm her mother I can say it) baby to this little independent girl. I love watching her grow.

Lucy the girl after her bath.
Kiss my bear.
I love this kid.
Hey moms, remember when your dog was like your baby... then you had a baby. ha, good times. Hey moms, Do your dogs drive you crazy now? I try really hard (not too hard) but I have a hard time liking my dogs. Love, yes. Like, not so much.
Lucy at 18 months:

sings patty cake with hand motions-really animated when it comes to roll em up.
monkey dances.
sings ring around the roses and dances too.
stacks blocks.
matches puzzles.
plays doctor.
loves to use her imagination.
dances when she hears music.
Can point out all body parts.
Gives Licky kisses on command.
Gives regular kisses on command.
Gives hugs on command.
Goes to the cabinet gets her Nilla Wafers and a bowl and brings them to me.
Can tell our two dogs apart. (who look the same)
Climbs out of her pack n play.
Eats with a spoon and fork. (One in each hand)
Loves purses and shoes.
Plays the wii with her daddy. (sword fighting)
Blows on hot things.
Smells things and says either Yummy or Stinky! (Everything is Stinky)
Plays with her babies.
and many more.

Last week I brought Lucy to the doctor to get her shots. While I was there I broke down and told the doctor I was worried about Lucy. I told her that she wasn't talking. She only would say the basic words. (While in the doctors office we counted atleast 15 words, which isn't bad) She said she should say 20 words that I could understand. I told her I didn't know if it was a hearing problem because of all the ear infections and tubes, I didn't think it was because Lucy follows directions perfectly. Our doctor told me to put a piece of paper on the fridge and write down everything that she says.

I did.

Within the last week Lucy has said:
feet, blue, honk, nose, stinky, mama, daddy, no, I want down, touch, write down, boat, dog, mine, dirty, doo doo ( I call it poopoo but her and her dad say doodoo which grosses me out), down, please, thanks, socks, mommy, dogs, thank you, cheese, Whitney, toes, cat, booty, juice, hat, no dogs, George (curious George), arm, on, all fall down, ring around, love you, papaw, jacket, diaper, popcorn, cleanup, dirty, blanket, pizza, go, mine, tv, barney, mac, sock, poptart, cartoons, apple, doctor, sit down, tick tock, Emma (Nemma), don't, I do, hot, night night

60 + words!

She says something new every day. While we are on the subject of How smart Lucy is I have three more stories. Feel free not to read.

Jonathan and I were playing in her room and Jonathan was standing up and Lucy was jabbering away and looked at him and in a very loud demanding voice yelled, "SIT DOWN".

Conversation with Lucy
Me: Lucy are you dirty?
Lucy: (Grabs her diaper between her legs) Dirty.

Note- I always grab her diaper to see if she is wet and I guess she picked up on it.

Me: Lucy are you ready to take a nap.
Lucy-runs to her room and turns on her sound machine.

I know this was a long post but I didn't have anything to blog about I hadn't blogged in a while. Thanks for reading!

The End.



Lucy, I think your mom is going to remember the day that she thought you weren't talking enough and laugh really hard about it. I love this post, Mary!!

Evelyn said...

Could not agree with you more about the dogs!!!! Right on...I even moved mine to the outside pen..that did make things a lot better.

Audrey said...

Amen about the dogs! I love Daisy, but boy she does get on my nerves these days! Ha! Poor girl!

And I am very impressed with your extensive vocabulary Miss Lucy!