Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby Dolls.

Today we played with Lucy's Babies. We practiced rocking them to sleep and then laying them down and covering them up with a blanket. Lucy is really good at following directions. I would tell her to cover her baby up with the blanket and she would do just that. Kiss your baby goodnight and she would do that too. Say Night Night and in the sweetest little voice she would say "nigh night."

Lucy covering her Baby with the blanket.

I love this little face. Have I mentioned that I really love it when little girls look just like their Daddy.
We made a bed out of a basket so the babies could sleep better.
Lucy's new thing is to bring me a diaper when she is poopie and I'll say let's go change it and she will run to her room and climb up her changing table.(Yes I let her climb it)
This little girl loves to use a cell phone.
The End.


Unknown said...

Lucy I love you!! I hope that you will always be very safe you little monkey. Love, Aunt Laura

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

SOOOO cute! :)


I'm so glad you like your baby dolls, Lucy. But, I'm also glad that you like to practice your climbing. You can call Grandcookie any time on your cell phone!

Delta Bost said...

Lucy, you are adorable when you play with your dolls. Growing up so fast!!
I hope you like to play with toy trucks too... because that's what we will be having lots of!

Delta Bost said...

One more thing, Lucy. Will you please tell your mother that she is not fat, she is beautiful. You and I know that, but she needs to be reminded. Also tell her that I will post beautiful pictures of my sister in law whenever I would like to. And all she can do is try and 'report abuse' to the Blog Corporate office. But that won't work, because even they will say the pictures are wonderful.
Thanks Lucy, for you understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Audrey said...

Lucy it looks like you are having a grand time! You wait so patiently on top of that changing table. I just cannot believe how fast you are growing!