Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cornmeal, Puzzle Playin and Frog Kissin Fun.

Lucy and I have had the best day ever! Our day started off with a little sensory activity called Cornmeal play. It is just cornmeal put in a pan. Simple enough. Lucy loved it. Please excuse all the pictures... I have a hard time narrowing things down.

It gets sunny in our kitchen.
Do you see the mess? Embrace the mess. It was worth it.
After Cornmeal play we pulled out our new favorite puzzle. Lucy is really good at matching all the pieces to where they go she just needs a little help putting them in the hole.

Funny story.... I told Lucy to sit and she looked at me and said, "SIT DOWN" while sitting. So smart. We have been working on her words lately. I have a bad habit of giving her what she wants when she grunts for it. Good news is the kid can talk and I think she is working on sentences. She said sit down, don't touch, more please (I've only heard it once or twice but still very polite). Anyway, we are still working on talking and using our words.

This afternoon we met up with the Coble's and Aunt Emily at the movie theater. Yes, you heard me I took Lucy to the movies. Ha! We went to see the princess and the frog. Too Cute! I can't wait to buy it. We made it an hour before we had to leave. I was impressed that she would sit there that long. Her and Emma were too cute eating popcorn. Side note, I now know how my husband must feel when he watches a movie with me. During the movie Lucy was watching intently to the point where she wasn't even eating her m&m's when Emma would say HEY!, Hey UCY! (lucy) It cracked me up! Emma Grace and Lucy are too cute!!

This is a very dark picture of the girls playing in the hall.
Looking at Alvin in the lobby.

I love these little girls.

Lucy was asleep by the time we got home and I just put her in bed straight from the car. After I got her put in bed Jonathan and I enjoyed the biggest loser aka the greatest show in the world. I'm ready to get up at 4:30 to go to the gym. Now I'm ready for bed.

PS. I'm really excited tonight. Tomorrow Dennis and Delta find out what baby Bost is!

I think it is a girl.

I can't wait to find out.

The End.


Unknown said...

Lucy we loved going to the movies with you yesterday. And I love your sensory play! Tell your mom that she needs to remember to invite me to work out with her even when there is snow on the ground. Love, Aunt Laura

Audrey said...

Mary you are such a good mom! Lucy looks like she loved the sensory play. I can't wait to hear her talking!


What a great post!! I'm glad you enjoy your full-time job! It's quite challenging, but the rewards are very evident!

Delta Bost said...

It's a boy!! Lucy are you ready to play with a new little boy cousin? Be careful, he is going to be mean!

For some reason I am hungry for cornbread now....