Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saturday Fun.

Saturday was a fun day at home. We started our day by eating pancakes (not me just Lucy) and sharing an apple. The apple was my breakfast but Lucy thought I should share. I thought it was a good time to work on our manners so for her to get a bite of apple she would have to say please and then thank you. We did this until the apple was gone. She has been talking up a storm lately!

Side story- I was changing her diaper and I said did you goo poopie and while changing it I told her that her diaper smelt terrible (but in a loving mother voice) and she said, "I'm sorry." I told her not to be sorry, I've smelt worst. Too much information about poop? Sorry. I have another story about poop but I'm not going to tell it yet. Actually I'll tell it now. I changed Lucy's diaper and I saw 5 marbles!! And I thought where did you get marbles from and then my heart stopped and I touched one in a panicky moment. ( I wish i would have touched it with a wipe but now I wasn't thinking straight) So I picked this marble up and do you know what it was. Blueberries, the kid doesn't chew them she just swallows them whole. Alright enough poop stories.

Lucy feeding a pancake to her baby.

Getting dressed for the day. I love a blue jean jacket. It reminds me of skinny college Mary. I always wore a blue jean jacket.
Saturday night we dropped Lucy off at Aunt Laura's and headed to Rogers for a surprise birthday party. Matt Turner turned 30! We were so happy to be a part of the big surprise.

Matt's Cake Table.
The Cake. It was super yummy. I ate a piece. I wish I would have eaten 10 pieces.
High School Buddies- Jonathan, Tony and Matt Green.
Today is actually Matt Green's 30th Birthday! Happy Birthday Matt!
Matt Turner walking into the party room. Surprise. (After everyone yelled surprise I had the biggest urge to start singing For He's a Jolly Good Fellow, because that is what they do on the movies but I'm glad I didn't because I'm pretty sure no one would have joined in)
Here were all the boys.
The High School Boys.
Jonathan and I.
The Boys.

After the party I called Laura to see if the kids were sleeping. She said all the kids were sleeping except for Lucy because she didn't like to sleep at Aunt Laura's house. Yikes! I got there and she was sitting in Poppa Roy's (Ryan's Dad) lap. I think she had fun.

The End.


Stephanie Wood Smith said...

I like your poop stories! Kohen pooped and had grapes in his poop, like they had never been eaten!


I love the scoop on poop! Never too much info for Grandcookie. Looks like Matt's party was a wonderful surprise and fun for everyone!