Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shake n Bake

I tried out my new mixer today. Let me just say I am in love. It makes baking so much easier. Especially when you are baking from scratch. Yes, Sometimes I get a wild hair and bake from scratch. Here are a few pictures.

My mixer.
My cake a mixing.
Before the oven. Actually this is the last picture I took. You will be happy to know that I did not even lick the spoon when making it. I didn't even taste test either. That is a job for my skinny husband. I did end up making two cakes for an upcoming church event and because I wanted to try out my mixer.
Since we were baking today I thought Lucy and I should try out the rolling pin.
She is pretty good at using a rolling pin. Do you see that rolling pin? It is very special to me. A couple of years ago I was making cookies and I had to roll them out and I didn't have a rolling pin so I pulled a wine bottle off the shelf and wrapped it with tin foil and used it as a rolling pin. My husband saw what I was doing and on a walmart run that same night he brought home that rolling pin. I love him.

I would roll her little blue snakes and she would take them and mash them in a ball.
I would say, "blue" and Lucy would repeat BLUUEE! Very loud, very pronounced!
She also rubbed it up against her face. I think it was cold and felt good. I'm thinking tomorrow we will play with flour in a bag.

I love this kid.
The End.



Hmmm....I wonder where Lucy gets that tactile experimentation from? Especially putting it on her face. I seem to remember some stories.

I love all these activity pictures. Lucy looks totally entertained and enthralled. You are such a good mommy, Mary!

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

I'm in love with my Kitchen Aid too!!! I've always had the cheap hand-held mixer...It's so nice to multi-task when the KA mixes for you! Love it!