Sunday, January 31, 2010


Yesterday we bundled up and went over to my parents farm (aka Emily's house) for a little sledding fun. We met up with the Coble's and Aunt Emily and had a blast. We then feasted on some wonderful winter foods. (pizza and hot wings)

The Bost Family of Three.
Lucy and her Daddy.
The Coble's.
Emma Grace and Ryan.
Aunt Emily and Taylor.
Aunt Emily.
We were the first to arrive to the farm and this is what it looked liked. We had a hard time finding the driveway.
This one is for you mom and dad.
Emma Grace ready to go play.
Lucy ready to go too.
They are so sweet.

Lucy and her Daddy.
Lucy loved being outside!
The End.


Unknown said...

we love hanging out with you guys. Thanks for helping with my children tomorrow. I love you!

Julee said...

Love the sledding pics! The snow at your parents was gorgeous! Hope Lucy had a good time in the snow!