Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow Day.

It snowed 5 inches last night. We thought we were just going to wake up to a few flurries but we were way wrong. We did a lot of looking at the snow. I didn't let Lucy go outside. She has been sick and had a fever for the past few days. We did venture out to take Lucy to the doctor. I was thankful that the doc in the box was open even with the weather being so bad. We found out that Lucy has an outer ear infection and a sinus infection. No wonder she has been acting so puny. After her first round of antibiotics and ear drops she was back to old crazy self.

Here is a picture of Lucy and her daddy in the waiting room at the doctor's office.
I love little girls who look just like their daddy.



Awww..such a sweet picture, but that baby girl really doesn't look like she feels well. Jonathan looks so intent on that little picture book....made me laugh when I realized what he was reading! :)

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

Didn't Lucy have tubes in her ears to help the infection? Did it not work? What did the doctor say about why she is getting so many ear infections? Jason and I both had tubes very we're just waiting for the day that Kohen has to get them!