Monday, January 11, 2010

The Purple Velvet Cloth

The Story of the Purple Velvet Cloth

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Emily Bullington. She was a strange and imaginative little girl. At the age of 6 she was already 6 ft. tall. (exaggerated for dramatic effect). One day Emily found a piece of purple velvet cloth and from that day on the two were inseparable. Emily would tie the piece of cloth around her neck and wear it as a cape. She would pretend to fly around the living room. One day she found an upholstery pole. The upholstery pole became her horse. You could find little Emily riding around the house in her underwear with an purple velvet cape tied around her neck, happy as can be.

One day her mean older sisters made fun of her to the point that she threw the piece of fabric away (this didn't happen, well we did make fun of her) and swore never to ride her horse again!
The piece of fabric was lost until.....
a little princess found it. There is a myth that said if you wrapped yourself in the purple velvet cloth that you would grow to be 6 ft. tall. So the princess wrapped herself in the magic cloth and wished and prayed that she would grow to be so tall like Emily.
She wished and wished until.....
She woke up and realized she was just a little girl sleeping on the couch wishing she was a 6 ft. tall 1 year old.

The End.

(Emily really did ride in her underwear on an upholstery pole wearing a purple velvet cloth)

(I love you Emily)



Oh boy!!! Tell me another story, Miss Mary!!! I love your stories. They make my day!!

Audrey said...

If there was an award for most entertaining blogger, I would give it to you!