Monday, January 4, 2010


Today completely wore me out which is pretty sad because we didn't really do anything. We went to the grocery store and visited with the Coble's for a few minutes, paid bills, and made dinner. I think Lucy had a more busier day then I did. (Hey Moms, don't you wish you could bottle up your kids energy. I would be a billionaire.)

Here are a few pictures from our day.

Today Lucy learned how to wipe her own nose.
Lucy then paid the bills.
Still working on the bills.
Checking the blog.
Next I am going to teach her how to do the laundry and cook.
The End.


Stephanie Wood Smith said...

Kohen has only had two ear infections so far...hopefully he won't get any more!

I used a "royal icing" recipe for my icing. I got it here:

Or you can just do a search for "How to make royal icing" and you can watch videos on how to make it and how to decorate with it. It's really pretty easy, it just takes forever the more colors you make. Just make sure you have a few cookies to practice on b/c it takes trial an error to get the right consistency. Let me know how your cookies turn out when you make them!

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

I just read your post.... it amazes me how Lucy didin't mess with any of the paper work, pens, Dt.Dr. Pepper or your wallet while she was "paying bills" :) Kohen would have destroyed everything on the table!!!


Love the kleenex picture! Reminds me of one of Dennis with all the toilet paper rolled off the roll and him standing there with the sweetest most innocent look on his face.

Audrey said...

Lucy - You are such a good little helper for your mom! As soon as your mommy teaches you to cook and clean, let's schedule a play date so you can teach Lila! ; )

Unknown said...

Lucy you look so very big in these pictures - like a little lady with your pretty little hair all pulled up. I love you little girl.