Thursday, January 28, 2010


We are suppose to be getting a winter storm today. (Thursday) To prepare for it Lucy and I took inventory of our refrigerator, freezer and pantry. After we made a list of what we had and what we needed we went to Walmart to do our storm/two weeks worth of grocery shopping. *Note* Don't do your grocery shopping the day before a storm-it was a mad house.

Last night we were invited over to Aunt Laura's house for a Thanksgiving feast. She wanted to clean out her freezer so we had dressing (the pioneer woman's dressing), sweet potatoes, green bean casserole and leftover Christmas Ham. It was delicious. I love Thanksgiving/Christmas food! I love getting together with the Coble's. Lucy does too. Her and Emma love to play with each other. They get the giggles bad. They are also to the age were they can play together without supervision all the time. Except when it get's quiet we know to check on them.

Lucy helped me take inventory of the fridge. I didn't realize she took off with the mustard.
We have made the switch to Brown rice instead of white rice. I let Lucy play with the white rice and she had a blast.
She thought it was real fun to throw it all over the kitchen floor.
Emma and Lucy made a club house. Laura has a big rocker in Emma's room and behind the rocker is just enough space for two little girls, 5 dolls, and a ton of diapers.
These little girls love each other.
The End.

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Lucy, you could have done some interesting artwork with that mustard. It's probably a good thing that your mom found you before you got it open!!!