Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Yesterday Lucy and I went over to Laura's to watch Taylor with Aunt Emily. Taylor was out of school due to snow and we were happy to help. Emma Grace went to play school from 10-4 and Lucy was very sad about that. We played a lot of wii yesterday. Taylor would have to take a break to read inbetween games. Laura has Taylor on a rewards program... so far it is not working. I think once he gets his first reward he will be more excited about reading.

Lucy eating her Cheese while saying Cheese!
When Emma came home Lucy was so excited. Emma was excited to try on Lucy's boots.
I said say cheese and they did a sweet little side hug.
Emma still trying to put on the boots.
The End.

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Unknown said...

Lucy and Emnma I don't think I have ever seen anything so very sweet. I love you girls. And Lucy make sure your mom knows that I love the pictures she posted. and thank you two for coming over and helping with with my little ones. I love you, aunt laura