Thursday, February 25, 2010

My weekend.

Friday I kissed my baby goodnight and I didn't see her again until Tuesday! Laura had a brilliant idea to fly down to Alabama to surprise my mom and to be with our Bill Bill for his 80th Birthday Party. We looked for tickets and we knew it was a great idea when we found tickets for $118!!

Taylor Lee Coble got to go with us too. I really enjoy getting to spend time with him. He cracked me up suitcase riding through the airport.
On the Airplane.
This is when we arrived. Bill Bill was so excited to see us. My mom was so surprised to see us too. Except the cat got out of the bag that we were coming so she had to pretend to be surprised. We thought we were so sneaky.
My mom, Laura, Bill Bill and Emily.
My Aunt Gwyn and Taylor. I love my Aunt Gwyn so very much, she has a way of making everyone she meets feel so special.
Emily and Mom.
My cousin Blake and his son Landon.
Kylan, mom and Camie
Katlyn, Karlie, Aunt Gwyn and Allison.
Zach, Laura and Emily.
Landon riding on the bike.
My Uncle Robert and Taylor.
My cousin Travis and Blake pulling Laura and Taylor around in a wheel barrel.

There are a lot of girls in this family.
The Cake. It was good. I should know I ate three pieces of it!
My Bill Bill.
Everyone getting ready to sing Happy Birthday.
Memaw and Bill Bill
Taylor and Emily on our way back home.
It was a fun trip. I missed my baby though. I was very thankful that David and Becky came up to help Jonathan with Lucy. Lucy enjoyed them too.

A couple more things:
1. How did Bill Bill get his name? Like in most families traditionally the first grand-baby gives the grandparents their names. My cousin Travis was the first baby so he got to pick names. One day my memaw was trying to get my Bill Bill's attention. Travis was sitting at the table. Memaw said Bill. (Bill Bill can't hear and refuses to wear a hearing aid) After she said Bill she repeated it Bill, Bill. Well Travis heard this and ever since we have called him Bill Bill! I love that story.

My dad started off as Grand-Daddy. Well when Taylor tried to say this it came out G-Daddy. Which we thought was really cute. My mom also started out as Nana and she ended up at Manna.

I can't wait to hear what Papaw and GrandCookie end up as. Lucy can say Papaw but GrandCookie is still up in the air. I hope she calls her Cookie!

2. I posted a while back about my Bill Bill and his heart surgery. He has not had it yet and it is scheduled for March 8. We are praying for a healthy recovery!

The End.

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Unknown said...

I had a fun trip with you, and I love you bunches. I am so glad that God gave me, you as a sister.