Thursday, February 18, 2010


Lucy got up this morning and decided today was the day she was going to try out ladies wear. I tried to tell her that this was not outerwear but she didn't believe me. She told me it was a great accessory. (Sorry if this picture embarrassed you)
After we got dressed in our real clothes we decided to get out and enjoy this beautiful day. We went to the promenade for a little while and then to Chick-fil-a for lunch.
After lunch we took a nap. After nap we played with our babies.
And at the End of the day what I would tell you is:

We had a pretty good day. I think Lucy would agree.
Then I made her rock herself to sleep.
The End.


Connie said...

Looked like a fun day. She's a doll and so full of life. That gal may be one that goes braless or on the outside of her clothes. You may need to keep an eye on her....

Audrey said...

I just love days like that! So glad you and Lucy can have that time together. ...and you look FABULOUS Mary!

Delta Bost said...

Okay Lucy, we all know that you are adorable but I want to tell your mom how beautiful she looks too!

You look great Mary! Love the necklace, sweater, hair, all of it!!

Oh yeah and the bra picture offended me. Just joking! I think it was great!