Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Lucy has been shopping lately. Her cousin Emma Grace gave her a shopping cart for Christmas and Lucy goes around and shops the house. Anything that she can get her hands on end up in her basket. Yesterday she came out of the laundry room and had this in her basket.

The picture is blurry.... do you know what it is?
Dog Food!
GrandCookie, you will be happy to know that Lucy wore the little outfit that you made for her. I told her to go put on her skirt and she did....
I promise to take some pictures for you with her wearing it the correct way.
Lucy looking at her new shoes.
FYI-Yesterday was the last day for 3Monkeys 60% off sale. I forgot to announce the sale in the first place but I thought you would want to know it is over. I am hoping next week they will have 75% off.

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Funny how that lime and aqua skirt looks blue and pink on the blog!! Funny how it looks like a cape, too!
When she was wearing it correctly, did she wear the jacket and hi-top sneakers too? I can hardly wait to see her with all of it put together!!