Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Last Friday Lucy and I picked up Laura, Taylor, Emma Grace and Aunt Emily and we loaded up the car and headed down to Baton Rouge to visit Manna and G-Daddy! We traveled all night and arrived early Saturday morning.

Lucy and Emma Holding hands in the car.
Emily, Taylor, Lucy and Emma and all of our stuff.
The kids woke up early Saturday and decided to help G-Daddy clean. (G-daddy had been cleaning the night before and the kids got into the supplies. we didn't really put them to work)

Coloring was also involved.
My parent's condo in Baton Rouge is located right across the lake from the LSU sorority row.
We were living it up in 75 degree weather while our hubbies at home were enjoying some snow.
Laura on the patio.

The Girls Dancing.
I love these girls.
Aunt Emily and Emma Grace.
Me and Lucy at Dinner.
Laura and Taylor.
Our Dinner.
G-daddy and Lucy dancing on the dance floor.
I think we were dancing.
Dinner and Dancing proved to be too much for this group.
More of our dinner.
We had to bring our craw-fish home and we decided to eat them out on the patio with the fire. I love the fire pit table.
Dinner #2
The Park.

Look who joined us!

Lucy eating dinner.
The Girls eating a sucker.
The New Orleans Zoo.
We borrowed this double stroller from one of Laura's coworkers and I loved it! So did the girls.
Lucy thinks it is so funny to put her limbs on Emma and Emma hates it. It started many fights.
The girls were too cute making all of their animal noises at the zoo.
Lucy kept waving at the Elephants.

Look at this bird and it's legs.
I love that Lucy is on a schedule even when we aren't at home she knows when it is nap time.

Laura and Taylor.
I love this little boy.

I think I'll just take him home with me.
After the zoo, we checked into our hotel and met up with my parents. My mom flew in from Alabama to see us. She has been taking care of her dad after his open heart surgery. We were so glad to get to see her. That night she watched the kids and we went to Bourbon Street. I would like to say we partied like animals but really we left by 8:15 and were back in the hotel by 9. We are lame. We did get a drink and we ate a lucky dog. I would say that was a successful night.

Taylor the statue.
Lucy and G-Daddy eating beignets at Cafe Du Monde. Lucy really did enjoy it she just didn't want her picture taken.

Back in Baton Rouge.

Our Last Night. Lucy loving on her Manna.
That was our trip. We were tired but were very glad we went.

The End.