Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mother's Morning Out.

Lucy started Mother's Morning Out on Monday. She will be going twice a week, Monday and Wednesday for three hours. On Monday Lucy had a blast. They said she played and played and just loved it. They were also very impressed with her coloring and how she could take the cap off the marker and put it back on. I told them that she was pretty much the smartest kid in the world! So what did I do while Lucy was at school for three hours. I went to happy hour and the spa. Just kidding, it was only 8:30 in the morning. I went to the grocery store and then went home and deep cleaned my kitchen and den. Deep Cleaning for me includes scrubbing, dusting, vacuuming and mopping. After I was done cleaning it was time to pick up Lucy! I didn't know three hours could go by so fast! I think we are both going to enjoy MMO!

Lucy's backpack.

The Room.
There are four kids on Monday and two teachers. Ms. Cyndi and Ms. Cindy. I love these ladies. They also watch Lucy on Sunday's in the nursery. When I worked in the Nursery in high school I worked with Ms. Cindy.

Lucy playing with Ms. Cyndi.

The Cat in the Hat. I think Lucy might of had some help.
Her Marker Drawing.
The End.

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Evelyn said...

Oh! Mary, thank you for the sweet comments...of course, I remember our days where our dogs were our kids:)...and Shogun's is sooo much nicer now! the Girls would have so much fun together, I am sure of that! I can't believe how big they already are...our little angels!