Friday, March 12, 2010

Too Sweet Sisters

Too Sweet Sisters participated in the Bentonville First Friday event last Friday! We were very excited to be included in a list of great local vendors. We made 1000 chocolate cakelettes for the event. We ended up selling about 400-500 and demoing 300! I loved seeing peoples reaction to our sweet treat!

We plan on participating again next month. The theme is multicultural. (Like a caribbean theme). We are going to make coconut, key lime and a surprise flavor. If you are available you should stop by we will be there from 11-8!

Laura and I at our booth.

The Cakelette display.
I don't think the hands on the hip stand is a good look for me. I'm going to practice a new pose.
An order for coconut and raspberry cakelettes.
Birthday Cake Surprise.
The End.


AutumnTheDog said...

Dear Mom,

I promise not to lick my toe nails anymore and track mud all over the house for one week if you let me try a Cakelet from each of the beautifully placed and pictured Cakelet plates.


p.s. Same thing goes for Whitney, she just told me.

Unknown said...

Your Cakelettes look amazing. Thank you so much for working so hard on our business. I wish I could have helped you make 3 batches yesterday. I love you bunches.

Tootsie said...

I loved the cakelettes I bought. I can't believe how moist and fresh they stay. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to stop eating them if I was making them. Good job!

Kimberly said...

Just stopped by the Matt and Julee's blog. The cakelettes look delicious!