Thursday, March 18, 2010

Where the Wild Things Are.

I love this kid.
Lucy and I have had an excellent morning. Today was my first time to go to the women's bible study class at my church. I was so happy I went. I love the people. Everyone was very nice. I only knew a couple of girls who are in our sunday school class. But that is one of the reason why I am doing this class-to meet new people! I also love the study that we are doing. It is called Scouting the divine: searching for God in wine, wool and wild honey. written by Margaret Feinberg.

Now that we are home and Lucy is sleeping I should be packing for our trip to Baton Rouge. Wish us luck. Three Sisters, Three Kids and No DADS!

The End.

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Sounds like a fascinating Bible study! I am praying for a safe and wonderful trip to Baton Rouge. I am leaving with Connie to go to New York on Thursday the 25th. So we will be very far apart for a few days next week. We are talking about bringing the RV up sometime around Easter. Have fun!