Saturday, April 24, 2010


This morning we got up, got ready, ate breakfast and hit the road. It is suppose to rain all weekend in Northwest Arkansas so we thought we would take a little day trip to Tulsa, Ok. Tulsa is only 2 hours away and it was not raining there AND they have many family activities!

Enjoy our day in pictures:

Lucy woke up and wore a coffee filter for a hat. I don't know if you knew this but I use to run around the house in my panties wearing a coffee filter on my head when I was a little girl.
While I was packing up everything this morning these two enjoyed some cartoons.
Please ignore mess on bed.
Our first stop was the Oklahoma Aquarium! Lucy really enjoyed it. I think we finished the whole tour in 30 minutes flat. Her favorite part.... the BEAVER!!

Lucy looking at the turtles.
Daddy enjoyed the Aquarium too!
Lucy would say," Fish, Hey Fish!" and "Bubble Bubble". She would also wave to them, yell "Bye Bye" and blow them kisses.
Mommy and Lucy Bear.
I think this is a catfish.

She actually loved all the little fish. She did not like the big fish. They scared her.

After the aquarium we decided we had a couple of hours to kill before dinner so we would go to the zoo. The zoo is across the street from the airport. When we got near the airport we noticed a bunch of cars lined up and people lined up with their cameras. So we pulled over to see what all the commotion was all about. It was an AIRSHOW! We arrived at 3:15 and it ended at 4. We decided to sit and watch the last few planes. Jonathan looked up the schedule of events online and the grand finale plane was a B2. So we stayed and watched.

Lucy and Daddy waiting.
Mommy and Lucy waiting.

Here it comes.
There it goes.
This is my favorite picture of our family of three. Lucy is cracking me up!
Oh wait, it did another fly by.

After the air show we ate at the Cheese Cake Factory. I love to eat.

Lucy bear eating a lemon.
Lucy's new nickname is the Portion Police. She is always eating off other peoples plates.
We are back home and ready to go to bed. Actually I got a piece of cheesecake to go and I'm going to eat it in bed then go to sleep! Enjoy your night!

The End.


Connie said...

Sweet pictures , sweet family and sweet times together. Isn't God good!

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

Hey! We're going to Tulsa next friday (for my 6 week boob check-up, lol). I think we may have to visit the aquarium and zoo too after reading your post!

DeAnna said...

sounds like you guys had a great family fun filled day! Cheescake yummy! My mouth started to water as you were talking about it!!