Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Yesterday was such a beautiful day! We enjoyed being outside in the sunshine! Lucy loves being outside. I love being outside when it is hot. We have been hibernating all winter long but now we are enjoying this wonderful weather.

Aunt Emily and Lucy wearing their sunglasses.

Even the dogs like being outside.

Her sidewalk chalk is as big as her.

In and out the dog door.
I love this face.
She was telling the dogs to STOP! and to SHHH!!!. She wasn't picking her nose.

That night we went inside to eat and to get our bath. After our bedtime routine Lucy ran out the dog door to get some more outside time. This was her reaction when I told her it was time to go to bed. Yes I took a picture. I thought it was too funny!
The End.

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Lucy just loves life so much that she just doesn't want to waste any of it by sleeping! You can remind her of this when she is a teenager and wants to sleep 'til noon.