Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Yesterday we had a fun day filled with mommy and me swim lessons, a nap and playing outside. Have I mentioned lately that I love this weather!

Lucy getting ready for swim. I'm glad we got a wear out of this little suit. It was a little snug and her boobies kept showing. But it is really cute. We will save it for sister to wear one of these days. (No we aren't and no we don't plan to be anytime soon... in case you were wondering!)
After swim and after nap we played outside. We were outside off and on from 1-5. This kiddo loves outside or side as she would say.

The End.

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Well shucks! I never dreamed that Lucy would go from wearing 18 months clothes to needing a size 3T swimsuit. Goodness Gracious baby girl! You aren't even 2 yet, but obviously you are going to be very tall!!!