Friday, May 14, 2010

Baby Asher Bost

Yesterday my beautiful sister in law delivered her first baby, Asher Blaze Bost. Baby and Mama are doing well and everyone is healthy!! I'll let Delta give all the details. I just wanted to show off my new little nephew.

Me and Delta.
Me and Asher. I'm a little crazy eyed because I was trying to think of how I was going to smuggle the baby out.
Dennis and his mini me.
I just love new babies.


Stephanie Wood Smith said...

I have to say... the 4 years Delta and I were roommates, I NEVER pictured her with a BABY one day!!! (OR Dennis for that matter, lol)! I am SOOOO happy for them! I love the pictures, thanks for sharing!!!

Julee said...

Thanks for sharing the pics!! You look so pretty! And I am so happy for Delta and Dennis! Cant wait to meet Asher and until then... see more pics! :)


What fun for all the Bost clan!! Thank you Mary for being the chronicler of all the events! You are a great blogger!


Oh.....and I love your new picture of the three of you!