Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BFF play date.

Tonight we had the pleasure of watching Miss Emma Grace Coble aka Lucy's Best Friend. Taylor had a baseball game and Laura is out of town so we were thrilled when they asked if we could watch Emma Grace. Lucy loved it. You can tell Lucy is an only child because she was not thrilled about sharing her toys or books or daddy.
Here are some pictures from our play date.

Mommy/Aunt Mary, Emma and Lucy.
(please excuse the makeupless photo of me and purple bra strap)
We had a little reading time.
Then they pretended to sleep.
Here they are sleeping.
Then they rocked. I have the funniest video on my phone of them rocking. I'll post it later.

They lounged.
Emma Grace.
Emma: Bye-Bye, See ya
Lucy: Bye-Bye, Hola!

Emma: (Running around the kitchen and den and falls)
Lucy: alright Emma?

They are so sweet!

The End.

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Such beautiful little girls! Their conversations are hilarious!!