Sunday, May 2, 2010

Celebrating Asher

Asher's Weekend aka The Weekend I Ate Myself Fat. (j/k)

We spent this weekend in Poteau, Okalahoma to celebrate little baby Asher. No he is not here yet but he will be in three weeks! Delta had a shower and everyone decided to make a weekend out of it. All of the Bost were there. Well maybe not all of them but a lot of them were! Aunts, Uncles, Parents, Cousins, Brothers and Lucy gathered for the celebration! We all did what we do best and we spent the day feasting and visiting! Our day started off with Lunch at Mazzio's. After lunch we went to the lovely shower where we snacked on cheese and fruit and a very yummy strawberry cake. (because i know you all want to know what we ate) After the shower we did a little shopping and then ate again-Catfish this time. And Hush-puppies. I love hush-puppies. Almost as much as I love my husband. I'd marry them if they wouldn't make my hips disappear. After dinner we went over to Dennis and Delta's house for a dessert party. I think I gained 15 pounds while I was here. Oh well, it was in honor of a special little guy so it will be okay.
Here are some pictures from our weekend.
Lunch at Mazzios
Lucy, David, Mamaw Vel and Papaw Wayne.
Bapaw and Lucy
Aunt Barbara, Uncle Bob, Aunt Brenda and Daddy Dennis.
This is Dark. SOrry. Uncle David, Lauren and Clamencia.
Two Grandma's to be- Grand Cookie or "Tootie", Martha (Dear Delta, what is Martha Stewart's Grandma name?), Mamaw Faye and Mama to be Delta.
Bapaw, Lucy and Lauren.
Papaw Wayne, Lucy and Lauren.
Part II: The Shower.

The Food Spread.
The Cake. (It was strawberry and delicious)
The cute little plates.
Delta and her sweet hostesses.
The Party.
Animated Delta. I think she was telling a story. (She doesn't always do this with her hands)
Delta and her Mama.
Some Guest.

More Guest.
Sweet Delta and Lauren.
Sweet Lauren.
The Loot. Looks like they are ready. All they need now is a baby.

After the shower we went to my favorite store in poteau called Walls. It is like a junky TJ Maxx. I was in love. Here everyone found these leather jackets for $8! They went wild!
After dinner we gathered at Dennis and Delta's house. Lucy was our entertainment.
Wearing Bapaw's glasses.
Lucy would dance and sing and then bow.

That concluded our weekend.

Dennis and Delta,
Thank you for including us during this special time in your life. You world is about to change, only for the better. I know you will be great parents. Just remember to take it one day at a time and to enjoy everyday because they go by so very fast. And take a lot of pictures! We love you both and can't wait to meet your sweet baby boy.
Mary, Jonathan and Lucy.
Asher's favorite Aunt, Uncle and Cousin.

The End.



What a wonderful weekend with family! Yes, I ate too much also, but maybe all the laughter reduced some of the calories! We'll do it again when Asher arrives!

Delta Bost said...

I'm glad you guys could be there Mary! Thank you for all of your kind words! Now it's time for Asher to get a move on....
We really did eat ourselves silly; every time I thought "I can't eat anymore", and then I would eat again. Oops. Asher will most likely be a very good Sumo-wrestler!

I think my mom's name will be Grandma Martha Stewart. Ha! That's not too hard to say! No, really I think I will let Asher decide!