Saturday, May 15, 2010

First Haircut.

Lucy got her first haircut on Thursday. I didn't think I would ever cut it but it was time. She was looking a little shaggy. I am very happy with her cut. It was just enough to make a difference but not enough to really notice. (Make scene) She still looks like a little girl!


After: (taken 2 days later)
(she is helping daddy fix my sink)

Isn't it sweet?!

We went over to Laura's house that afternoon and Laura and I were talking and later I said," do you notice anything different about Lucy?." She replied," Ahh, you cut her hair. I knew something was different. I just thought you brushed it." I love you Laura!

The End.


Audrey said...

Love the hair cut Miss Lucy! You look so grown up!

...And I LOVE the new family pic on your blog! Too sweet!

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

I love the cut. Isn't it funny how after you cut it it looks thicker?! That's what happened with Kohen too. It seemed like his hair on his forehead was really thin until we cut it.