Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hanging Out.

It has been rainy here for the past three days. We have been cooped up inside. So what have we been doing. Messing up the house, Cleaning up the house and then repeat! Today we had to get out. We made two stops: one to the at&t store where Lucy ran crazy and the second to Best Buy where she ran around the store yelling Daddy! It was fun just to get out. On our way home Jonathan and I were talking about what was for dinner and I said Fish, Asparagus and Rice and Lucy yelled out PIZZA!! We kept asking her if she wanted to eat Pizza and she would yell,"Pizza, yes!" SO we ate pizza tonight. That is it. That's all I have to talk about. Tomorrow I'm going to do a What am I thinking about/Random post. I've got a lot of random things on my mind.

And Of Course here are some pictures of the star of the show. I'm thinking about renaming my blog Lucy and those other people instead of The Bost Family: Jonathan, Mary and Lucy.


Playing the drums with her Daddy.
Playing the Piano.
Also, I wanted to thank everyone who commented on our new blog header. A friend from church/photographer took those pictures for us.

The End.



Pizza is always good on a rainy day....or any day, for that matter!

Funny, funny Lucy! Can't wait to see all of you this weekend.

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new picture header! I haven't been on blogger lately so I just now saw it. I am going to miss the baby pics of Lucy at the top though :) I haven't looked a baby pics of Kohen in a while... I think I'll do that