Friday, May 21, 2010

Our Day in Pictures.

Today started out with a trip to Chuck E Cheese! Lucy's Mother's Day Out hosted an end of the year party there. All the kids really enjoyed it. Especially my Lucy! Lucy loved all the rides. We didn't play any games and she didn't seem to notice! She also loved seeing all her friends. I think it is sweet that everyone calls Lucy "Wucy."
Lucy Abigail's First trip to CEC.
Laura with her sweet boys.
Lucy loves Ms. Treva. She was trying to get her to hold her.
Lucy and Chuck-E.

Going down the slide.
Lucy and Reese. These girls love each other.
Lucy driving a school bus.
Merry Go Round.

Lucy on the TV
Eating with her buddies.
After we got home Lucy went down for a two hour nap. She was so tired! After nap we went outside to play. I told her we just had 1 hour then we had to go to Daddy's work for the picnic. I also told her to stay clean.
I turned my back for one minute....

We had to take a bath and change after our outside play.
That afternoon we went to the ISD picnic at Jonathan's work.
There were a lot of fun activities for the kids and a lot of food.
Lucy liked the toddler jump zone.

and look at this silly character who was there too! Emma Grace Coble. Jonathan and Ryan work together. (and when I say together they both work at walmart isd)
Emma going down the slide.
Lucy Goosy

The Cobles + Jonathan
Me and my sweet husband.
Reese was there too. Her daddy also works there.
Lucy and Daddy.
After the party. Lucy was very tired.
The End.


Stephanie Wood Smith said...

I love the picture of Jonathan carrying Lucy :) It's so sweet :)

Audrey said...

Lucy you looked very beautiful in both of your pretty dresses! I cannot believe how fast you are growing!