Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sleeping Baby.

Last night I was rocking Lucy to sleep. She was throwing a huge fit. She has been real gassy lately and I think she had a tummy ache. Anyway, she was throwing a huge fit. I continued to rock her. She continued to cry. I started to pray. I prayed out loud. Mostly I prayed for patience. I thanked God for Lucy and her healthy lungs. I thanked him for having a plan for her. I thanked him for letting me be her mom. As I prayed I felt my heart grow big. I felt everything around me grow still. I heard silence. And I watched my baby close her eyes and go to sleep.

I love knowing that God is always there for me. I love when he reveals himself to me. I love that I can feel him in my heart. I am very thankful.

The End.


Unknown said...

Bapaw couldn't wait for me to wake up and read this. What a great morning devotional!
We love you!

Evelyn said...


Char said...

I am thankful too Mary. I don't know if I could make my way through life without Him.

DeAnna said...

so so so true!!