Sunday, May 23, 2010

Visiting Asher

Saturday we packed up and headed to Poteau to see Uncle Dennis, Aunt Delta and Baby Asher. I've been waiting all week to see this baby again! I think I have been driving Aunt Delta crazy with my constant text of "how is asher","how did he sleep?"and my favorite question "Does he miss his favorite Aunt Mary?"
Here are some pictures from our visit.
Aunt Mary, Cousin Lucy and Baby Asher.
This crazy character was here too! GrandCookie and Lucy.
and GrandCookie's partner in crime-Bapaw!
Me and my sweet husband.
Bapaw and Lucy
Martha Stewart (Delta's mom) and Baby Asher.
I love new babies. I especially love when they sleep.
The proud grandparents.
Asher's pretty mommy.
I'm very impressed with Delta. She has been up and moving and getting things done. I remember when Lucy slept I slept and I didn't care what got done as long as I got some sleep. She is doing so well and I'm so proud!

The End.

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What a great weekend and what a great job you did of preserving it on your blog!!