Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Almost Wordless.

Our Day.

This is what happens when I regular diaper goes for a swim. My phone is there for scale.
That's one big diaper.
The End.

My Bear.

I love this little girl.

Lucy, Becky and Autumn cuddled on the couch.
Lucy was so tired and she just wanted to eat her "cacker". She got so mad at me when I wouldn't let her sleep with them.

Taylor and Lucy playing in the pool at Aunt Laura's.
The End.

Girls Weekend.

We had the best girls weekend in St. Louis! Laura, Becky, Laura's mother in law Char, Char's sister Caroyl, our friend Marci and I loaded up and headed to St. Louis to hear Beth Moore speak. Beth Moore is a Christian speaker and writer and she is the most hyper and awesome person I have ever heard. Jesus pours out of her pores! This weekend really renewed my soul! If you have a chance to hear her speak or anyone for that matter, GO!

Here is a group shot minus Laura.
Here are 7500 people waiting to get in the arena.
Another Shot.
Char and her sister.
Becky, Marci and me.
Beth on the Jumbo.
Us at the Arch.
Me and my sissy.

It was a great weekend. Thank you girls! I really needed a kid free weekend!
The End.

Play Date at the Park.

I have fallen behind on my blogging. We are going to start with last Thursday. Lucy and I had a play date at a local park last Thursday with our friend Marci and our Pastor's daughter, Sadie. Marci was watching Sadie for the day, so we decided to get the girls together.

Lucy really enjoyed the slide.
Sadie could live in a swing. Lucy liked it but not as much as Sadie!

Last Thursday GrandCookie, Aunt Delta and Baby Asher came into town as well. We played at the promenade park for a little bit.
Then we went home and played in the pool.
Then we played in the pool in our clothes.
The End.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tomato Plant.

I've been thinking about starting a garden. This year I started out small. I have two tomato plants. Next year I hope to add an herb garden and maybe a raised bed. We will see. I'm afraid my dogs would dig up a raised garden.

Here is one of my tomato plants.

Soon they will be big enough to eat!
The End.

Big Girl.

Lucy Abigail is 23 months old today. I can't believe it. The past year has gone by too fast. Actually the past 2 years have gone by too fast.

At 23 months Lucy is:

putting words together.
can point out her shapes.
can say her shapes and colors.
can count to 5 - 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 2.
Makes up songs, performs them along with a dance.
wearing a 3T.
wearing a size 6 diaper.
wearing a size 7 shoe.
Follows directions.
She really says and does something new everyday. I'm so very proud of her.

It's funny. I have been a little worried about her speech but the other morning we were going over our flashcards and she did something she has never done. She repeated everything I said. She never does this. She usually tries to talk in paragraphs. It is hard to translate. She never slows down to just repeat words. So the point of the story. The kid can talk. Sometimes she just doesn't want to. :)

Here is my big girl.
Yesterday we had an ice cream date with these two ladies.
I got in the car yesterday and my makeup melted right off. I wouldn't have posted this picture but I thought Lucy's face was priceless.
Little sweet Emma.
Braums has a grocery store tied to the restaurant and the girls kept saying balls to the oranges.
The End.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Outside Fun.

Yesterday we spent the whole day outside. It was blazing hot! It doesn't matter if it is 20 degrees or 101 degrees, Lucy wants to be outside! Weather doesn't affect her. We have really enjoyed our kiddie pool. Lucy and Autumn are constantly in it!

Pictures from our day.

Lucy Abigail likes to pick out her own clothes. I give her choices but she picks out what she wants to wear. Something that she won't let me help with are her shoes.
Yes, those are her snow boots.

I love this kid.
This is Autumn. Before Lucy, Autumn was my world. I got her when she was 6 weeks old and she fit in one hand. I would carry her around in my purse until she outgrew it. Everywhere I went she went. She was my baby. I hate to say it but when Lucy was born Autumn magically turned into a dog.
Tomorrow my baby girl turns 23 months. One month shy of being 2. Can you believe that?!?
I love her.
The End.