Sunday, June 6, 2010

Arkadelphia Weekend

We spent the weekend in Arkadelphia this weekend with Jonathan's parents, Dennis, Delta and Baby Asher. (in case you didn't know he was a baby) Lucy loves when we go to Bapaw's and Cookie's house! Her favorite activity is playing outside and riding the mule! We love going there because it wears Lucy out. When we got home she was in bed by 7 because she was so tired! This was a special trip because there was a party/crawfish boil to honor Baby Asher Blaze Bost! We were thrilled to be invited and even more so to eat all the yummy food that Dennis prepared!
Here are our pictures from the weekend.

Lucy sitting on the mule.
Going on a ride with Bapaw and Daddy.
Sitting in the Mule with Uncle Dennis.
Taking the boys on ride or at least trying to.
This is our dog Whitney.
Lucy dressed for the party.
Lucy after I told her we weren't going outside.
Bapaw and Cookie.
Asking to go outside again.
Finally getting to go outside.
Admiring the Crawfish with Daddy and Uncle Dennis.

My sweet family of three!
Another picture with Jonathan looking.
Me and Pretty Delta. Doesn't she look good! When Lucy was three weeks old I looked like I had been hit by a freight train!!
The new family of three!
Asher Bost. I think he is going to be a rapper. He is always throwing gang signs with his hands.
Me and the sweet baby.
My sweet baby.
We were so happy that Stephanie and her family made it. I have always wanted to meet Baby Kohen. He's not a baby anymore. I thought him and Lucy would just love playing together. Instead Lucy threw a fit everytime Kohen would play with something that she thought she wanted. (sorry Stephanie, we will work on sharing)
Lucy proud of her driving skills.

Kohen checking out the crawfish.
Daddy and Lucy looking at the horses.
Lucy eating a lemon.
The Crawfish Feast.
The Smith Family + Lucy.
Lucy riding the trike.
It was a fun weekend. We enjoyed the food, fun and family!

The End.


Unknown said...

Mary, thank you for the photos....we loved having the family together!!! My favorite is Lucy sitting on the steps of the motorhome with Gretta. Other than Becky... my two most favorite girls in my life. Love you, David


Sorry I had to be such a party pooper while you were here. I don't like being left out of the action....especially Lucy's action. It was still a blessed time to have all of you at home together....and it wasn't even Christmas!!!