Monday, June 14, 2010

Fun Weekend.

Friday we had a swim party at the Coble's house. I love these people.

Lucy kept saying, " Eww, That's Dold (Cold)."

Nothing like a snack after a long swim.
Saturday night Jonathan and I had a date night to celebrate our anniversary. We had a fun kidless night! We went shopping for Lucy some new clothes and then to dinner. Can you believe Lucy is wearing a 3t and 4t pj's. I can't believe it. She is such a tall kid I have to buy things a little big so they are long enough!

Before our Dinner Date. Thanks Aunt Laura, Uncle Ryan and Aunt Emily for babysitting!
I love my husband!
Sunday we went to church. Here Lucy is in her dress. You can't tell but she is wearing the cutest lace tights and they were so cute!
Taylor has been attending music camp for the past week and they performed in front of the whole congregation! He did such a good job!
I mopped on Saturday and then I steam mopped on sunday. Can you believe all the dirt!?!
We bought a little kiddie pool and Lucy played in it all day yesterday!
(She isn't wearing a bathing suit because we just got back from the real pool. I don't usually let her run around in a diaper/swimmer diaper)
Jonathan picked out this turtle and Lucy had a love hate relationship with it. If it got near her she would scream and jump out of the pool!
Even Autumn liked the pool.
Lucy didn't like Autumn in her pool!

The End.



Lucy is going to have a great time in her backyard this summer. Your new furniture looks beautiful!

Delta Bost said...

Mary, you look beautiful for your date night! And Lucy, you look beautiful for church!
Maybe one day Asher and I can come play in the pool! :)