Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend.

We took advantage of the long weekend and traveled down to Athens, Alabama. We left Friday afternoon and left Tuesday Morning. It was a fun trip. I really enjoyed seeing all of my family. Especially my grandparents who aren't in the best of health. Lucy really enjoyed Alabama but she really missed her Daddy. Daddy had to stay back because he was on call for work.

Our Trip in Pictures: (Get ready there are a lot)
Lucy and Me and Chili's. We stopped on our way down to Alabama and we had our best restaurant experience. Not with the food but with Lucy. She was so good!
Aunt Emily rode with us.
The next day we met up with the Coble's and my parents at my Grandparent Bullingtons house. The Girls love playing with all the outdoor toys.
Emma Grace pushed Lucy around.
Then she got a ride.
Then she pushed Aunt Laura and Lucy around.
My mom and my grandmother.
Lucy driving.
Emma and Lucy playing on the ramp.
Cousin Anna and Lucy.
Lucy driving our cart at the local publix.
The Next day at Memaw's house.
The girls climbing up and down the stairs.
I love these girls.
The girls playing in a sand box minus the sand.
Uncle Ryan playing ring around with the girls.
Aunt Emily and Taylor.
Aunt Laura and Lucy.
Lucy playing with toys.
Aunt Laura and Uncle Ryan.
Me and Emily.
Laura holding Emma Grace, Aunt Gwyn holding Lucy and Cami.
We celebrated my Memaw's Birthday with a strawberry cake.
My precious Memaw.
My mom and her brother Byran.
My Bill Bill and Laura.
The Next day we went to Huntsville to eat at Dreamlands. They serve the best ribs! This was us before everyone arrived. It's also the only picture I took there.
Taylor and the kitties.
Lucy loved the cats.
Lucy eating a piece of raw corn.
Aunt Laura, Emma Grace and Lucy.
Uncle Ryan, Lucy, PeeWee and Taylor.
The Four of us.
Welcome to Aunt Gwyn's Beauty Shop. She gave my Bill Bill a hair cut.

Taylor's Pet Shop.
We went to walmart and look what we saw in the parking lot. The biggest dog in the world.
and his brother.
When we got back from Walmart Aunt Gwyn and Taylor were in a water fight.

Emma and Lucy watching.
The girls eating some dinner.
Then playing in the dog house. They just cleaned it out so it's not as gross as you think.
Taylor + the girls= one full dog house.
Emma Grace and Lucy playing in the field.
Emma pushing Lucy again.

The girls were playing behind the lace curtain. I guess they thought we couldn't see them but they got the biggest giggles back there.

Lucy and her Jaguar. Every time she walked by she would hug him, kiss him or ride him.
Aunt Gwyn and Taylor.

and that concludes our trip.

I brought a computer to blog while I was there but I just didn't have the time. Half way home I realized I forgot my computer at the hotel room too! Ahh, thank goodness they saved it and my mom picked it up to mail to us. Thanks mom!

The End.

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You never know when Lucy and Emma may begin to make memories that stick!! This trip may just be that time. So sweet to see all the wonderful family time you enjoyed.