Friday, June 18, 2010

Play Date.

We have been very busy lately. We have been spending most of our days at the pool and outside.
Yesterday we had a play date with our friend Marci at Chickfila. The kids loved the indoor playground and I loved catching up with Marci!

Marci and Lucy in the play area.
Lucy not happy about something.
Last night, Emma Grace came over for a little play date with Lucy. The girls are so silly together.
They were watching Toy Story after their bath and decided they could see better if they stood on the table.
That's it. We haven't been doing anything too exciting. We are going to see Toy Story 3 today and then headed out to the lake for the weekend. I love summer!

The End.

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Such confidence those two girls give each other!'s okay to stand on the coffee table if we both do it!!! Funny!!