Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day at the Pool.

Today we loaded up the family car and headed down to the Springdale Aquatic Center. It was the perfect day to hit the pool since it was only 100 degrees outside! It was hot. We met the Coble Family + Aunt Emily there too! I love spending time with family.

Emily and Lucy. (I would just like to point out that that use to be my bikini... I gave all my bikinis to Emily.. You will never find me in a bikini again.)
The Coble Family minus Taylor. He was going down the slide.
Jonathan and his Mini Me.
Stopping for a snack.
Spitting out her snack.

We went home and ate dirt icecream. Very good. Not so healthy!
The End.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Random Thoughts.

I'm feeling Random today. I thought I would share my randomness. My husband once told me one of the reasons he loved me was because he never knew what I was going to say or what I was thinking. All I can say is ADD!

Here it goes...

1. I've been craving a chocolate razorback brownie from rick's bakery for 2 days now.

2. I really love sweet potato fries. I have a new recipe. I'll share it one day if any one wants to know. I also love Brussel sprouts. I crave them both. Silly sounding, I know but they are so good!

3. Sometimes I think it is okay if Lucy is an only child. Other times I think I'll have another one just to make her mad!

4. I was one pound away from my goal weight (my wedding weight) Last Tuesday. July 20. Then I proceeded to eat 2/3 of an ice cream cake by myself and bread. Oh how I love bread.

5. I love my husband. I mean really love him. I think it is because he is the best daddy.

6. I'm not in a hurry to potty train Lucy. Mainly because I don't want to clean pooh out of the little porta potty I bought.

7. I've been on a peanut butter kick lately. I love peanut butter.

8. I've been so proud of Lucy lately. She has been talking up a storm.

9. I'm excited about the new season of project runway. I don't know why. I just love the show.

10. I pray for patience everyday.

11. This is the last time you will ever see me with a tan. Lucy and I are outside everyday I lather Lucy up with spf 70 but do I bother to put sunscreen on. No! I recently found out my granddad, Bill Bill, had skin cancer aka melonoma. They removed it. They forgot about it. Well it's back and it's spread to his brain and now to his lungs. They have started radiation. They guess he has 5 months to live with radiation treatment. Like I said this is the last time you will see me with a tan.

12. I pray for peace a lot for all my family about Bill Bill. He has his faith. He GETS to go live with Jesus! How awesome is that! I pray that God brings peace to the rest of my family.

13. This news has stressed me out and makes me want to eat. I love to eat. Instead I have been running. When I said I have been running. I really mean I ran once this week. When I said I ran. I really just ran 4 100 yard sprints. That was enough for me. If I would have had my phone I would have called Jonathan to pick me up.

14. I need a vacation. We have one planned. I'm excited.

15. I could really go for a brownie.

16. That is it.

The End.


Last night we played our favorite family game-Chase! Lucy sits on Jonathan's shoulders and I chase them. It is so funny. Lucy just screams and laughs. It is kind of like a family workout for Jonathan and I. By the time we are finished we are all out of breath!

Here they are ready to be chased. (Lucy is wearing a diaper)
Lucy being chased by her daddy!
At one point Jonathan hid in the Laundry room and Lucy walked out to where I was sitting and asked me, "Mama, Where is Daddy?" and "Daddy, Where are you?"

I love my family!

The End.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Best Friends.

What should we do today?
Let's swim!
(scroll fast and you can see them hug)

This is so much fun!
You are so silly!

Let's make a mess!
The End.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just Playing.

Last night we had the best family night. We didn't do anything special just read some books, went over flashcards and had cooking lessons.

Lucy trying to grab my camera.
Lucy drinking some tea.
The End.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Today we got up bright and early and attended church. I really wanted to lay in bed and sleep in but I also really wanted to go to church. I'm really glad we did it was one of the best services and Sunday school classes I've been to in a long time. Yes they are all good but there are few that really grab your heart and attention.

After Sunday school we went out to eat with the Coble family. I picked Lucy up from the nursery and Emma Grace was in there too. Emma Grace clung to be like a spider monkey. Her mama tried to hold her and Emma swatted at her and said "NO." Haha, she just loves her Aunt Mary. I even tried putting her in her carseat and the kid wasn't having it. Thank goodness Aunt Mary keeps an extra carseat in her car because that is just what Emma wanted! She rode with us to lunch and Lucy just loved it.

Lucy and Emma Grace. Lucy is watching a movie.
The kids playing the video games at the pizza place.
My sweet little girl.
Later we took a family nap. Then we worked out in the yard.
Then we went swimming.
Then we played on the swing set. Lucy learned how to work this swing and now can officially swing herself. I have a video of her doing it because it was pretty funny!!
The End.

Two Years.

Lucy's Birthday.
Lucy's 1st Birthday.
Lucy's second Birthday.
Time Flies when your having fun!

The End.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Second Birthday!

Today my Lucy bear turned two! Can you believe that?! I am having a hard time believing that MY BABY is TWO!! We had a fun filled day of activities. We started our day out with breakfast, then our friend Reese came over to play while her mom went to the doctor, next we went to chuck e cheese for lunch and playtime, then we ran by the promenade to get some goodies and play on the play set, after that we went to the pool with Emma Grace and Family and finally we ended the day at home with Chickfila and ice-cream cake!

There were no naps and no breaks. It was one thing after another. I think Lucy enjoyed her day. I called Jonathan around 5:30 and hurried him home because I was afraid Lucy wasn't going to make it through dinner and cake. She was so tired! Here are some pictures from our day.

Lucy the Birthday Girl.

Lucy and Reese chasing each other.
Sweet Reese.
Playing outside.

Aunt Emily came over too!
After the party there was the after party. Manna, Aunt Emily, Taylor and Daddy joined us at ChuckECheese.

Then we went to the promenade and played on the outside play area.

I didn't take our picture swimming but it came next.

After swimming we went home and had Chickfila. I was so tired after our day of fun I just couldn't cook or maybe I didn't want to. Lucy didn't mind.

Lucy wearing a bowl for a hat.
Cake time.

For some reason she ate it with her hands. I guess it felt cold and she liked the feeling. After she touched it with her hands she made sure to rub it on her face.

I love this kid so much. Happy Birthday Lucy Abigail Bost. Mommy and Daddy love you so much. You will always be my world.

The End.