Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day in Pictures.

Have I told you lately that I can't keep clothes on this kid. We were outside for 5 seconds and she started stripping. (Please note her hair)
We went to the pool yesterday. The kids had a lot of fun. We get there first thing in the morning and we have it all to ourselves for at least an hour. Lucy realized that she climb the slide ladder, which cut our trip a little short.
This is Lucy's new hair do.
It's a pony tail! I love it but I hate it. I think it is super cute but it makes her look like such a big girl!
Isn't she pretty!
I know what you are thinking. Yes, she looks just like her daddy. My favorite part is she acts just like him too. She is the silliest little girl you will ever meet.
Lucy tried on some of Aunt Laura's shoes. This kid walked around in high heel shoes for the longest time.
This is Emma. She is my favorite too. I'm thinking about stealing her and calling her my own. She could pass for a Bost! Well maybe not but I would tell people that I adopted her.
The Coble's watched Lucy last night while I went to a Vacation Bible School meeting. VBS starts on Monday. I went to the meeting to sign up for snacks or maybe work the arts and crafts table. I left being in charge of the 4 year old room! Thankfully I am doing it with a good friend. We can handle it! Maybe? Pray for us!

The End.

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Char said...

Lucy - you are so adorable and cute - love your new pony tail.
Mary - what an awesome opportunity for you to sow some love and attention and make a positive difference in the lives of some little 4 year olds. I will pray for you - and for each child that will come under into your class that they would see and experience the love of Jesus.