Friday, July 9, 2010

A dog, A Play Date and A Goose.

I packed Lucy in the car yesterday and when I turned around this guy was standing behind me. He scared me at first because I'm pretty sure his head is the size of a grizzly bear. Once I realized he was friendly I took a picture. Lucy laughed and kept saying, "Oh, puppy!"
We headed over to our friends house for a play date. Play dates are more for the moms than the kids. I really enjoy them.

Here the kids are eating a little snack.
It was raining and the Lucy and Grant couldn't quit looking at it.
We headed to the promenade and kept running into rows of geese crossing the road. I said Lucy look Geese and she said," Goose Momma". I was impressed!
We also spent an hour at walmart doing some long over due grocery shopping. Guess who sat in the buggy for an entire hour and didn't throw one fit. Yes, Lucy! I was so proud. This was a huge accomplishment for us.

The End.

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Stephanie Wood Smith said...

Kohen is going through the stage of HATING sitting in the buggy at wal-mart, target, grocery store, wherever. I'm ready for that to PASS!!!!
That dog would have scared me too!!!