Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Birthday.

On Tuesday we celebrated my Birthday. My 26th Birthday. Yes, I have entered my late 20's! All I can say is I don't know how my late 20's can compete with my early 20's! My early 20's consisted of attending/graduating college, getting engaged, getting married, becoming a wife, getting pregnant, having a baby, and becoming a mother. I'm excited to see what the late 20's bring!

Here are some pictures from my Birthday. My sweet husband took me out to dinner and my parents watched Lucy Bear.

Me and my sweet husband.
My sweet family of three. (Doesn't Lucy look just like Jonathan?)

The End.



Mary, what a great picture of you and Jonathan! And the family picture is so sweet....and yes Lucy does look a lot like Jonathan...but she has her mama's curly hair!! Yea!!!

Audrey said...

You look beautiful on your birthday! Hope it was a wonderful day!

DeAnna said...

Happy Birthday chick-a-pee! Hope you had a GREAT date with your hubby! I can't even remember my early 20's so all I can say is IT GETS BETTER the older you get! Love your hair!! oh, and yes Lucy looks just like her daddy! Cute little bugger!