Thursday, July 29, 2010

Random Thoughts.

I'm feeling Random today. I thought I would share my randomness. My husband once told me one of the reasons he loved me was because he never knew what I was going to say or what I was thinking. All I can say is ADD!

Here it goes...

1. I've been craving a chocolate razorback brownie from rick's bakery for 2 days now.

2. I really love sweet potato fries. I have a new recipe. I'll share it one day if any one wants to know. I also love Brussel sprouts. I crave them both. Silly sounding, I know but they are so good!

3. Sometimes I think it is okay if Lucy is an only child. Other times I think I'll have another one just to make her mad!

4. I was one pound away from my goal weight (my wedding weight) Last Tuesday. July 20. Then I proceeded to eat 2/3 of an ice cream cake by myself and bread. Oh how I love bread.

5. I love my husband. I mean really love him. I think it is because he is the best daddy.

6. I'm not in a hurry to potty train Lucy. Mainly because I don't want to clean pooh out of the little porta potty I bought.

7. I've been on a peanut butter kick lately. I love peanut butter.

8. I've been so proud of Lucy lately. She has been talking up a storm.

9. I'm excited about the new season of project runway. I don't know why. I just love the show.

10. I pray for patience everyday.

11. This is the last time you will ever see me with a tan. Lucy and I are outside everyday I lather Lucy up with spf 70 but do I bother to put sunscreen on. No! I recently found out my granddad, Bill Bill, had skin cancer aka melonoma. They removed it. They forgot about it. Well it's back and it's spread to his brain and now to his lungs. They have started radiation. They guess he has 5 months to live with radiation treatment. Like I said this is the last time you will see me with a tan.

12. I pray for peace a lot for all my family about Bill Bill. He has his faith. He GETS to go live with Jesus! How awesome is that! I pray that God brings peace to the rest of my family.

13. This news has stressed me out and makes me want to eat. I love to eat. Instead I have been running. When I said I have been running. I really mean I ran once this week. When I said I ran. I really just ran 4 100 yard sprints. That was enough for me. If I would have had my phone I would have called Jonathan to pick me up.

14. I need a vacation. We have one planned. I'm excited.

15. I could really go for a brownie.

16. That is it.

The End.


The Timbs Clan said...

Mary 1st off Im so sorry to hear about your granddad I will be saying lots of prayers for you and your family!!!!
2nd can u tell me your recipe for sweet potato fries and how you make your Brussel sprouts.....
and lastly I love love love reading your blog

Char said...

I love you Mary Bullington Bost. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your soul.
I love watching you grow in Jesus and the way you hunger and thrist after Him.
I am praying for your family - each one, individually. Letting go of someone we love is always hard -God's mercy and grace will always get us through.

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

I know what you mean about cleaning poo out of the potty....I'm not in a hurry either to train Kohen. If he says "potty" then I'll take him, if he pee's and poops in his diaper, that's ok too! Sorry about your bill bill. It makes me think of everyday when I water my flowers. I NEVER wear sunscreen. I'm out there at least an hour in the hottest part of the day. I need to wear sunscreen. Love your random thoughts.

Evelyn said...

So sorry to hear about Bill Bill! Praying for you!
About the potty I originally bought Claire a little potty that converted to a step stool, what I have found that works best is I put one of those small potty seats on the big potty and she uses the step stool to get on the potty, that way no trying to figure out cleaning up the little she loves to flush!