Monday, July 19, 2010

Second Birthday Party.

Updated for Kelly Korner.

Warning: There are a lot of pictures!

Saturday we celebrated Emma and Lucy's birthday's. I am so happy that Laura and I had our babies two days apart and we are able to celebrate together with a big family and friend party. (Except I think this is our last party!) I can't believe my baby girl is Two! (almost, July 23)

This year we threw the girls a lobster theme crawfish boil at my parents lakehouse. It is the perfect summer setting!

The dessert table minus the dessert.
The Tables.
The table arrangements.
The pools.
My sister and the tables.
Laura made that sweet little banner.
The crawfish table.

Lobster sucker bouquet.
A chocolate lobster sucker.
I love this bow. We used it for their first birthday as well.
Taylor Coble.
My mom. I am so happy she is in town for a couple of weeks. I have missed her so much!
Bapaw was there too. Lucy just adores her Bapaw.
Sweet Emma Grace and her Mama.
Manna and Lucy.
Bapaw, Cookie and Lucy.
Me and my sweet Lucy. This little girl looks more and more like her daddy!
Emma Grace Coble.
Lucy Bear.

Aunt Audry and Lila
Lounging at the pool.
Laura, Jennifer and Chandra. They are sorority sisters. I asked if they wanted to flash their sign and they all refused. I guess some things you out grow!
My sweet sister in law Delta and I.
Lucy and Daddy.
Laura and the girls and their friend Reese.
Boat Ride. Lucy wanted to be captain.
Treva and Reese.
Jennifer Jones. Her new real name is Jennifer Russell but to me she will always be Jennifer Jones.

Sweet Reese.
My little boyfriend Asher Bost and Nene.
The girls loved Lucy's new kitchen that Bapaw and Cookie gave her.

The boys cooking. Dennis thank you for being our crawfish chef!

Ginger and William.
The feast.
The other Coble family. Aaron, Audry and Lila.

Me and my love.
Cake Time.

The End.


Stephanie Wood Smith said...

Happy (almost) Birthday Lucy! I love the party theme!

Char said...

Thanks for throwing such an awesome party Lucy! Poppy and I had a great time.
I love all of the pictures that you posted here
You are a sweet precious beautiful little girl Lucy Bost.
Thanks for letting me be part of your life.


What a party to remember! Lucy, your mommy and Aunt Laura really outdid themselves! It was fun and beautiful, just like you and Emma!

Delta Bost said...

We had a great time!!
Hey- did you get a picture of Asher in his swimsuit? If so, will you email it to me? Thanks!