Sunday, July 25, 2010


Today we got up bright and early and attended church. I really wanted to lay in bed and sleep in but I also really wanted to go to church. I'm really glad we did it was one of the best services and Sunday school classes I've been to in a long time. Yes they are all good but there are few that really grab your heart and attention.

After Sunday school we went out to eat with the Coble family. I picked Lucy up from the nursery and Emma Grace was in there too. Emma Grace clung to be like a spider monkey. Her mama tried to hold her and Emma swatted at her and said "NO." Haha, she just loves her Aunt Mary. I even tried putting her in her carseat and the kid wasn't having it. Thank goodness Aunt Mary keeps an extra carseat in her car because that is just what Emma wanted! She rode with us to lunch and Lucy just loved it.

Lucy and Emma Grace. Lucy is watching a movie.
The kids playing the video games at the pizza place.
My sweet little girl.
Later we took a family nap. Then we worked out in the yard.
Then we went swimming.
Then we played on the swing set. Lucy learned how to work this swing and now can officially swing herself. I have a video of her doing it because it was pretty funny!!
The End.

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