Monday, July 19, 2010


I mentioned last week that I was going to be teaching the 4 year old vacation bible school class. Well today was day one and it was GREAT! The good thing about 4 year old is that they are very enthusiastic and if you are excited about something then they get excited about something. We practiced our Praise Phrase all day. I would say GOD IS WONDERFUL and they would say PRAISE GOD! At first one or two would say praise God, then later they were all saying and by the end of the day they were screaming PRAISE GOD! It made my heart so full!

Liz and Colby. They were the best helpers today.
Welcome to space!

Our Group.
My Kiddos.
Lucy and Taylor were so tired. This is them after their two and a half hour nap!

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Mary, your VBS room is adorable! I can't believe you pulled it together so creatively after the week you had getting ready for the big birthday bash!